How to build self-confidence


Recent neuropsychological studies have determined that self-confidence is essential to be able to succeed in life and also to minimize the appearance of virulence with which certain mental disorders or even cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s suffer.

In this way, the lack of self-confidence or the negative and pessimistic thoughts associated with it, can advance these diseases earlier and increase their severity. Self-confidence or having confidence in oneself is therefore vital to living a life full and full of happiness.

Let’s find out in this post how to build self-confidence?

How to have self-confidence?

The best way to reward the lack of confidence that can appear in a person is by trying to fool our own minds in order to reinforce positive thinking around us and build a base for our self-confidence.

Replace negative thoughts: 

Surely you will have the habit of punishing yourself mentally and underestimating yourself. Even if you think you are realistic, you are probably being pessimistic. So much so that, to know how to have more self-confidence, it is vital to try to banish these thoughts from your mind and renew them for more optimistic ones.

Demand less of yourself: 

Value the crush you do to yourself because perhaps you are demanding too much of yourself. On many occasions, the lack of self-confidence goes hand in hand with an excess of perfectionism to try to compensate for it.

So, in order to improve our self-confidence and self-esteem, it will be vital to leave behind this type of attitude towards ourselves. To do this, you will have to accept your flaws and mistakes.

Avoid generalizing: 

We tend to use very generic words like “everything”, “nothing”, “always”, “never”, etc. We use these types of general statements in the wrong way. Trusting oneself is equivalent to making an effort every time we use these labels to avoid having to face a difficult situation.

In this way, we will be able to improve our self-confidence since we will motivate ourselves and try with all our might to know how to believe in ourselves.

Evaluate your own achievements: 

We tend to highlight what we have not achieved more than what we have achieved and we accumulate it in a mental list that demotivates us. It is about inverting that list, instead of thinking only about what you have not achieved, think about everything you do well, your skills, your resources, and everything you have been achieving, no matter how small.

Through this, you will be able to improve both your self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to seeing that you have really gone further than it may seem at first glance.

Congratulate yourself and reward yourself every time you achieve something: 

Detect each thing you do well throughout the day and congratulate yourself for it. Remember that they do not have to be great achievements, but every little thing that you do well. Although they seem like small things, the reality is that doing it daily is an effort that you manage to do every day. See how you get it day after day to be able to trust yourself much more.

Through all these psychological methods, you can get your confidence to improve in many aspects. So much so that, if you manage to repeat this type of attitude for a long time, it is very likely that you will achieve golden self-confidence.


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