How To Make Songs That Sell

How To Make Songs That Sell

Some people try very hard to make great musical sounds and songs that sell, but sometimes get the result of those who did not try that hard. Why?

Every musician is like a cook; he or she employs only what others use or can use to make musical sounds. The difference in the taste is usually based on two things: the application of the foodstuffs and the taste of the audience. How can one make songs that sell?

Three things make up most of the greatest, popular songs. They are vocals, lyrics and beats. All a commercial musician tries to invest in a body of music is for the wellness of these three, and for the final beauty their wellness and harmony would possess. It does not require mentioning that all the strenuous time spent in voice training, lyrics perfecting and beats and words memorising is aimed at a final product: a great music; a song that would sell.

Popular music contains a large number of songs that have failed to lose relevance and fans, even though they have been around for at least two generations. If you were asked the reason, you might say it is the vocals of a particular song, its lyrics or the beat; imagine a song that has the three both sound and superbly admirable as a mixture!

We shall go through a concise discussion of these three, touching how to make them look their best. Finally, we shall look for how to merge them into a positively stunning end product.

Making Lyrics That Sell Your Song

As the most number of popular songs that spent and spend time in the VIP sections of music charts mostly include lyrics, we shall make it the first to be discussed.


A song’s lyric is the human-language embodiment of the reason for the piece of music; yes, people can know a musical sound sounds sad, cheerful, angry, etc., but they cannot know why just through the musical instruments. It takes a careful, worded conveying of the emotion, topic or situation the artist is dwelling on for the listener to fully understand and be carried along. Without saying, you need to take good care of your lyrics if you desire to record songs that sell.

Here are what to consider as you craft your lyrics:

i does it convey the message and or feeling you intend to share?

ii is it memorable and easy to be understood?

iii can the audience sing along with you, if they were listening? Be sure.

iv does the lyrics make good use of refrains and choruses? All choruses are refrains, but not all refrains are choruses. Refrains are parts of the lyrics repeatedly used in the song, while choruses are like statements on why a song was made. Even songs with bad instrumentals and vocals can be remembered because of the choruses. Make your choruses able to stick themselves on minds. They should first stick on yours. The choruses are the parts of songs the audience are mostly tempted to sing along while hearing it; in fact, the first thing a listener takes away after hearing any song that has lyrics is the chorus. Repetition causes remembrance.

Making Vocals That Sell Your Songs

The vocals of any piece of music must sell for it to sell. Even though a music’s beat should be nice, the beat would be like the proverbial gold earring on a pig’s snout if the vocal is not up to pass level. You could say that the vocals are the heart of the popular music pieces they exist in, because they become the theme, the purpose, the tangible manifestation of the spirit of the song.

There are music styles where the vocals are not words but only sounds; if you looked at these kinds of music, you would find that some of them have fewer vocal sounds than others. Also, you would see that some music sounds that usually employ the services of or the ingredient called vocals make it the centre of the music. In fact, some music writers might structure the demo in a way that human voices might come either once, in the middle, at the end, or sparsely through the performance.

Some of the things I have said here and will say would be useful to the makers of this other kinds of music that do not use much of vocals or sung words. Whatever a human voice does in any music is to add to the overall look of the piece. For example, even rappers want to have their raps flow with the instrumentals. Would they add discord, they do so skilfully to beautifully blend the vocals with the the instrumentals. Some rappers don’t always rap through their lyrics too, they sing some parts of their vocals.

These were mentioned to indicate that none of the other music styles in which people don’t sing their lyrics were not considered when I said that all the vocals used in each popular music style usually becomes the heart of the music piece. They don’t make the VIP sections of music charts often – those music styles with lesser participation of vocals. They rarely do.

To make vocals that sell your songs, pay attention to these while planning and performing:

i the vocals must be believable. Give the right sound to your lyrics. You do not have to force out the feeling. Think about what you are singing about and live it for the moment. Not all music pieces are emotional, though; just be sure you passed along through your vocals what you have written as the lyrics. Listen to tens of relevant songs before practising to release any music piece; it helps.

ii the vocals must flow with the instrumentals.

Making Instrumentals That Sell Your Songs

Even though this is made to be the last in this discussion, it’s not the least. It’s the manifestation of the spirit of a song, but talks to the part of man that does not communicate with words. Melody talks to the part of man that does not need spoken words to understand any message. Some call that human part the soul; some, the mind.

Many times, the instrumentals are the most heard part of a music piece; because of this, it must be made as captivating, interesting and enjoyable as possible. Nobody likes to spend his or her time listening to what is boring or not enjoyable.

What to consider while making instrumental sounds for your song:

i make them first of all before the vocals and make them rhyme with the emotion or emotions contained in the lyrics.

ii find good players that would play for you at a cheap price, if you cannot play for yourself. You could also use one of the sound making applications in the internet.

iii make it memorable, interesting, and worth being listened to over and over. If you spend a few minutes in thoughts right now, some songs wherein this was employed might come to your mind.

Finally, make all these three (lyrics, vocals and the instrumentals) to be pieces of a puzzle. Let them fit each other. The easiest way to express the message I intend to pass in this paragraph is this: let this three be like three identical twins working in synchrony.

A good musician learns from others and experiments. There are many ways to write lyrics. It’s not only one style of lyrics or composition that makes a music sell, but some kinds are more likely to make yours sell. Listen to many songs both in the genre and outside the genre you wish to record in, analyse and pick styles and forms that appeal to you both in the making of your lyrics, vocals and instrumentals.

This is not a summary of all you need to know, but you are now better than than before you came, and have better questions than you once have. The answers to them are not far away, too.


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