Wisdom, Annie’s older brother, accuses her of enslaving him, and Annie kicks him.

Annie Idibia, Nollywood actress and wife of music legend 2Baba, has replied to her elder brother Wisdom Macaulay’s charges of enslavement.

Wisdom accused Annie of enslaving him in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday.

Wisdom claims that he has been working for Annie, who prefers to pay him stipends rather than full dues.

“Hello Nigerians, my name is Wisdom Macaulay, and I am Annie Macaulay Idibia’s older brother.”

“Right now, I’m pleading for aid because my life is in danger.” He added, “I’ve been working with my sister for a long time, but she never pays me my dues.”

“She prefers to send me N20,000 or N30,000…

Make me her slave, and she can decide when she wants to end it when she gets angry.

“Her husband brought me some money a few weeks ago that I had been pestering him for for years.

“The money wasn’t much, but it was enough to get my house in order.” I have a wife from Imo State whom I have yet to pay her bridal price due to a lack of funds.

“Annie is such a violent person; she never makes peace with anyone and fights everyone.”

‘Why, big bro, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why,

The actress accused her brother of being reckless in response to the claims levied against her.

She said that their feud began when she refused to make Wisdom her manager because she was uncomfortable with the idea.

She also mentioned that she has been in charge of his family’s upkeep for a long time.

Wisdom, she claimed, had threatened to kill himself on multiple occasions for petty reasons.

“Oh Wizy….why big bro why…,” she wrote. Why all these lies about your ONLY sister, Wisdom… All I had to do, ur little sister, was protect you and your children…

“Wisdom, you have three children; have you ever paid their school fees since their birth?” Have you ever paid for any of your children’s medical costs in the 9 years since your wife started having babies? Have you ever had to pay for school?

“Have you ever paid house rent in your life since we were kids, bro?” You reside in a three-bedroom flat that is fully furnished and equipped with all you and your children require.

“Wizy, Wizy, Wizy!” Since God began to bless me, how many cats have I purchased for you? You say you’ll work for me… how??? Where???? After my father died…the car I bought for him told you to service the jeep…you sold the car without telling me…all I had was love for you and your children!! Every Christmas, I make certain that they all receive something new…

“I make certain ur wife isn’t aware!” Wizy, how many times have I given you millions, how many times have I given you millions….but you are way too irresponsible, and I can’t bear watching ur babies die hungry! Continue blackmailing me by threatening to kill yourself! Receipts are available in my online banking. Proof number n!

“Why do you want to annihilate this tiny careeer?” I’ve worked so hard to get to this point…here is where I make 80% of my money! Pay your rent with the money I used to send your kids to school! Your entire hospital bill! “Why would you want to kill your own sister?” says the narrator.

“Just yesterday ur wife called crying they sent your kids home….for sch bus…” she added. I’ve already given you money! I paid the school directly. Why are you doing this, Wizy? I aspire to be a manager… “I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s something I can do,” I said. Until you obtain the help you require… What’s the total number of cats I’ve bought for you, bro? How many are there?

“I cheated my pal and had to pay the price!” You took out two different bank loans… I had to pay for you…just to be sure you didn’t leave this spot! What more can I sister do, Wizzy? What? I also have a family…m. Why do I despise all these lies? I’m at the pinnacle of my profession! Please, bro…why are you lying!!!

“IT’S JUST BECAUSE I TOLD YOU YOU CANNOT BE MY MANAGER!” I have a lot of voicemails from ur wife! I’m not going to embarrass you by putting it out there! I’m exhausted! Do whatever you want! My hard work, my children, and my family will be protected by the universe. Let the world believe whatever it wants! Annie is my name. I am not the liar you claim to be! I put in a lot of effort…I’m not a slacker! Entitlement! Wow, dude! “All the best to you..

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