Why You Need To Grow a Beard


It protects sensitive parts of your face, stops undesired foreign bodies from infiltrating your respiratory tract, and does much more. If you are here to know why you need to grow a beard, you are in the right place. You really would see how much you need to grow a beard by the end of this short blog.

A research has ended with a result that says that beards catch dangerous things like bacteria while the wearers move about their daily activities. Also, beards protect the owners from cold and the harmful UV rays of the sun. This means that they reduce the risk of falling into what those whose don’t wear them risk by not wearing them. They serve as a form of natural protection. If this is not a good reason why you need to grow a beard, what is?


The range of the effectiveness of a beard in providing natural protection for the person wearing it depends highly on the thickness and size; none can prove the argument that beards don’t do their job when grown to pass level. Many researches have proved that beards are important both for the health of men, and makes them look good.

A study conducted by the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society ended with a result that declared that growing big beards beards make men look like they would make good fathers. It would not be a big assumption to assume you are most likely to think the same. I mean, when your dad is sporting a sizeable, well-attended beard, and is dressed passing-well, why wouldn’t your peers think highly of him?

From this study of the society’s perception of men wearing beards, it was discovered that people are most likely to see men wearing beards as such as would contend for the safety of their children, and invest in them. Also, beards give you a cool, manly look that those without them can only dream about.

Apart from stopping your skin from drying very fast and delaying the appearance of wrinkles on your continually-ageing face, it stops skin damage and wind chafing. Are these last ones not fat reasons why one would rightly say you need to grow a beard?


Someone once said that it took twice what is spent to acquire to preserve. Though this can be proved and disproved by many, one fact stands out in the statement that all would say is correct: with every possession comes a weight. When you have something, you are obligated to protect it, and the thing might bring you some troubles too. The bottom line is that you get more responsibility.

Below are things you would do well to remember as you warm up to bear the glory beards give, and to enjoy the protection they offer.

Even though growing a beard reduces your risk of developing skin cancer, sends packing barber’s rash, cuts, acne and folliculitis, you risk packing up yeast, and developing dandruffs on the chin and the neck region.

Visit a dermatologist for medical skin care. There are many medicines in the market, but certain medical situations might make them wrong for you. Before the in-depth study of the skin and the human body that have given us the knowledge and medicines we have today, humans diagnosed diseases mostly be looking at them and how they felt – symptoms, in short.

In this century, some still mistake some things for the others, which is not harmful sometimes. But some assumptions can be costly, and others might help diseases run so far ahead that catching them might take a lot of time and lengthy discomfort.

Another disadvantage of growing a beard is that you have to spend time washing it. If you like bathing very fast, then you would have to soap or shampoo all the hair on your head at the same time. Now, does that look hard any more?

When hair that’s been removed tries to grow back out and goes into your skin instead, it causes a bump that might become very painful. Whether the hair had been removed through tweezing, shaving or waxing, it doesn’t stop this from happening. If you don’t grow your beard, however, this misfortune could still not be hindered.

Shave to leave behind stubbles, if you can, since this would hinder your hair from getting too short during shaving. Whether you shave with an electric clipper or a shaving stick, you cannot stop your follicles from getting too short except you shave in such a way that there would be no reason for the hair to grow into your body instead of outwards.

After being clipped, the apex of your hair is sharp; this gives it the ability to penetrate your skin when it gets the chance. Of course you could guess that such a chance can only present itself to your hair when your hair is both sharp, and bent enough to touch your skin with its sharp point.

You might be wondering now why you and others do not feel the pain when your hairs start to grow into your skins, or might assume that this can never happen outside of your knowledge. Whatever you think, this misfortune can be hindered.

People having coarse or curly hairs are most likely to have ingrown hair. Whether you have ingrown coarse, soft, curly or straight hair, make sure the area you desire to shave is wet for at least thirty seconds before you start shaving. This direction would not apply to you if you plan to shave with scissors, but we know that scissors don’t usually do a neat job.

After shaving with a razor, rub the places you shaved in a circular motion, as this would help bring your hairs to the right position they should be in when they are sharp from being clipped.

If your beard is always the right centimetre, though, you would not have to fear the coming of this situation. This is another reason why you need to grow a beard.

There are many videos on YouTube showing ways of avoiding this bad situation.

Kissing is a part of the human culture these days than in the past ages in many places, and this means that many micro-organisms get transferred by the medium of the faces touching. The beard, like the nasal hairs, horde tiny particles of different names from the air, and some of these particles, like enteric bacteria, are not good for the nostril or oesophagus of anybody.



Wash your face twice or thrice daily, since this reduces the build up of the allergens cleaving to your face hair.

Flaking skin is not always what it’s called; some call it the result of a severe loss of moisture, but it could be dandruff. This is why you need to seek for the services of a dermatologist whenever you have a situation on your skin that you clearly don’t know what it is. This would deny you the act of mistreating or not treating something you could have easily, and correctly treated.

Be sure you moisturise your face after bathing. The human skin works for its own good, and moisturises itself when you fail to. This holds on lesson among others for us: your face should not be left dry when you can help it, and especially when it should be moisturised.

Use skin moisturisers that have little fragrance, colours and preservatives. For the purpose of not seeming like an advertiser, I would ask you to browse for such using Goggle or any search engine. Moist areas under the beard stops the face from producing its own oil, which hinders breakouts. Warm baths and bathing for too long leaves your skin dry.

Rest well and be patient if you are newly starting to grow your beard. The former is for the purpose of helping your beard grow faster, as stress affects the growth of beards adversely; the later helps your mind. Rome was not built in a day.

You should know that with ownership comes responsibility, and so you should plan to shave your beard if you don’t want it to look too crude, by personally trimming it or visiting a barber’s.

Wash your beard with a shampoo and use natural oil on it to keep it from being brittle. Use oils like olive oil.

Treat dandruffs with anti-fungal shampoo.

Treat Acne Keloidalis of the neck with topical antibiotics or Retin A.

Brush or and comb your beard if it looks, you know, ungentlemanly.

Having seen the reasons above, it’s left on your table to make the decision as to whether you really need to grow a beard.


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